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Telescopic Dustless Loading Spout

Telescopic Dustless Loading Spout


Integral Dust Collector

  • TLDS is designed to load dry, dusty and free-flowing bulk material into open/closed trucks, railcars, barges, ships and stock piles with almost no dust emission.
  • The spout can be provided with a Positioner, Integral Dust Collector, Weighing and Control Automation.
  • The loading spout is available with a wide variety of control features for required lengths and capacities.
  • Industries: Cement plants, Coal mines, Fertilizer, Iron Ore, Limestone, sChemical plants and other such industries to have a dust-free environment.


  • TDLS is made of a stackable cone covered by weather-proof sleeve material. The cone material selection is based on characteristics of bulk material to be loaded.
  • Dust suppression is achieved through its Venturi design.
  • Horizontal travel is through Positioner as an option.
  • Sizing and detailing is based on capacity and operation frequency.
  • Fugitive dust containment.
  • Three cable winching for additional stability.
  • Electric winch with integrated limit switches and emergency sensors for highest and lowest positions.
  • Level switch – rotary/vibrating type
  • Metallic parts in Carbon Steel + Epoxy coating
  • Special dust-proof skirt at the lower end of the loading spout.
  • Accessories: Local control panel for remote and local operation; and pendant control.
  • Integral Dust Collector – can be added to bulk material loading spout, which eliminates the need for a separate dust collector, dust piping, rotary air lock and related equipment and controls to handle fugitive dust. Dust is automatically recycled back into the material system, reducing product loss.